Christina Farruggia

Just Chrisy

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I grew up a small town girl with big time dreams but found happiness in the simplicity of being a mother.
I search for shapes in the clouds and look for words in a barn spiders web.
I'm team Jacob,
team Damon,
team Peeta.
I live vicariously through SyFy, and write my own alternate endings.
I sing through my pain and believe there is a song for every occasion.
I dream in color and know that nothing is as simple as black and white.
My heart is full of children and my soul with love.
I am Miss Hannigan's alter-ego.
I'm big but I'm beautiful.
I love my PJ'S.
My hair's a mess.
I wear no make up and am proud of the scares that tell my story.
Spike is still my favorite vampire and Oz my favorite werewolf.
If I could I'd build my home in the side of a hill; become friends with an Elf. A Dwarf. A Wizard.
I enjoy watching life go by from the comfort of my porch.
I've drank and I've smoked.
I have no regrets.
I've loved and lost and loved again and again.
Tetris is still the best video game of all time.
And yes I did try to push all the colors down on a multicolor ink pen; drank water from the hose; flopped around in the back window of a vehicle like a modern day bobble head; and rolled down a hill so many times I puked.
I'm me, and only me...
any questions?